2 months ago at 11:20 PM
So this is sort of a little introduction to my blog! This is the art style I chose to use(it’s simple and cute, so), although you might see me change it up a bit and also improve over time.Anyways, about this blog…if you wish to, you can read about it here. If you don’t want to read something super long, well…that’s just too bad.Just kidding.I’ll give you a shortened version of it.But pretty much, this blog will be about my boyfriend and I(the two in the drawing of course), and the many sweet, loving, and adorable things we will do once we’re together, as we are currently a long distance relationship(I’m all the way in Oregon and he’s in Tennessee).This is also one of my many ways of showing him how much I love him.To show some support, please follow and reblog! Please and thank you~Have a wonderful, amazing and fantastic day, you’re all beautiful. <3Also, if you want to, you may check out my dA here.